1. Turkey history and market
2. Seeing more by looking more closely
3. Environment
4. Biosecurity and hygiene
5. Brooding period
6. Transport to the grow-out barns
7. Grow-out period
8. Health and disease
9. Vaccination
10. Slaughter
11. Breeder management

Turkey  Signals  format 26,5 x 20,5 cm, 180 pages (full colour), hardcover. The book contains  640 photographs and illustrations. The first printrun is expected Janurary 2019, a total of 2000 copies.

Retail price is € 69,90 (ISBN 978-90-8740-262-4).

Turkey Signals will be available via bookstores or directly at the Roodbont webshop: www.roodbont.com or e-mail info@roodbont.com.

The content of Turkey Signals is further available as e-book, website, training and e-learning. Please contact us for further information.

Authors team
Turkey Signals  is written by a team of experts, main author Edward Mailyan.

Turkey Signals will be part of the Poultry Signals series, as Poultry Signals, Layer Signals, Broiler Signals and Egg Signals. This publication will have a similar look-and-feel.

Language editions
Turkey Signals English edition – will be the first edition of this project. Depending on additional funding the production of other language editions such as Russian, Italian, French and German will be started.

Turkey Signals is a project of Roodbont Publishers B.V. Roodbont Publishers B.V. retain copyrights of concept, text, layout and illustrations of all Turkey Signals’ editions.

Turkey Signals is part of the Poultry Signals series©.

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