About the author

About the author 1Edward Mailyan graduated from the Veterinary Department of the Agricultural Faculty of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia in 1998. The following two years he worked in the Falcon Hospital in Qatar and received his PhD degree in raptor medicine in 2001. Edward started his poultry career as a veterinarian-microbiologist at Golitsynskaya Poultry Farm. In the years after he worked as head of the Poultry Veterinary Service of Agro-Industrial Complex Mikhailovskiy. In 2005 he joined Trouw Nutrition International as Senior Poultry Specialist and later as Deputy Technical Director. Since 2015 he is the Director of Live Turkey Production at Damate Group. He contributed to the Russian editions of several titles in the Poultry Signals series as a translator and editor.

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